Part A
1. Empress Maria

2. Alexandra was born in Hese, Germany

3. a) 4 daughters
b) 1 son
c) alexei, anastasia

4. a) hemophelia
b) delay in clotting and severe bleeding
c) inherited from Alexandra

5. Her mother Alice and her son Alexei

7. March 2, 1917

8. a) Vladimir Lenin- control of Russia
b) Bolsheviks
c) the imperial family was imprisoned and up for execution

9. a) the Tsar family was taken to the Lpatiev house for special purposes
b) the bolshevik soldiers exectued them

10. a) The family of Nicholas the second was also executed

Part B
1. In Yekaterinburg, Siberia

2. a) to determine whether or not the remains found belonged to the Ramanov family
b) 1. they determine whether it's male or female
2. race of the body
3. male of female
4. age
5. age

3. a) 9 skeletons
b) 11 people died

4. a) indicates age
b) age
c) gender

6. Prince Alexei and Princess Anastasia determined missing
a) their the only bodies under 17,therefore they were able to determine that they were not there

7. DNA was able to be extracted

9. a) They are made up of the same units or nucleotides
b) Mdna is a circular loop, and Ndna is double stranded rather than linear form

10. soley from the mother- inherit Mdna

11. a) their mother
b) her mother
c) No he did not pass most of his DNA onto his children, they inherited the majority of their mothers

12. a) Queen Victoria
b) Prince Phillip of England Duke of Edenburg

14. female over 21- Royal family nurse

15. because he shared the same DNA

16. skeleton # 4- Tsar Nicholas

17. Royal family staff members

18. because they are relatives, the maternal relative

19. because it was a perfect match with Anderson

21. a)The gathered a hair from her brush in order to get samles of her DNA

b) no they are not because there DNA is different

c)they were partially cremated after death and their remains were scattered