Chapter 1 Notes
• Emily Steiner- eleven year old girl is murdered in North Carolina. Found nude, gunshot wound, bruises on her body. Gault is the main suspect- serial killer
• Main Characters- Kay Scarpetta- Chief Medical Examiner in Virginia, Pete Marino- Police Captain, Benton Wesley- Unit Chief, Lucy- Kay’s niece who is interning at the FBI
• Kay thinks that Emily was murdered in a different location and in a different way because of electrolytes

Chapter 2 Notes
• Kay goes to visit Lucy in the Enginnering Research Facility (ERF).
• Lucy is working to develop a new government program. VICAP- using PCs to develop the Crime Artificial Intelligence Network (CAIN) – A fingerprinting database that would allow police to easily identify offenders.

Chapter 3 Notes
• Government Agent Max Ferguson was found dead in his home. Suspected suicide.
• He was found in women’s clothes with a noose around his neck, porn, a stool, and a condom. It appears that he slipped and strangled himself

Chapter 4 Notes
• Wesley finds some skin (possibly human) in Ferguson’s freezer
• Kay asked Dr. Katz (TOD specialist) to run an experiment at the Body Farm

Chapter 5
• Kay and Wesley search Ferguson’s basement for any signs that Emily Steiner had been there.
• Kay and Wesley do the do
• There is a love triangle between Kay, Marino, and Wesley

Chapter 6
• While examining photos of Emily Steiner Kay discovered a brown mark on her left butt cheek and wanted to dig her up to examine it further.
• They ask a judge for permission to dig her up.

Chapter 7
• Kay finds a fireball at the Lake where Emily Steiner was murdered
• While in an argument with Kay, Marino accuses Lucy of being a lesbian. Kay suspected that she was.

Chapter 8
• They begin to dig up Emily’s body
• Marino yells at the press for being there

Chapter 9
• Kay discovers that Emily bit her tongue, which is a sign of a seizure
• Questioned Wren, Emily’s crush- he left the fireball
• A janitor named Creed told Wren where the body was found
• Lucy’s having problems back at Quantico

Chapter 10 Notes
-Lucy is accused of breaking into ERF. Has overwhelming evidence against her. She is now staying with Kay in Richmond
-Emily Steiners mother's fingerprints were found on Ferguson's uderwear
-Emily Steiner was O positive and the tissue found in Ferguson's freezer was O positive