1. a)The manner of death is the way that someone dies whereas the cause of death is the reason someone dies. Manner of death can include natural, accidental, suicidal, etc. Causes of death include disease, physical injury, heart attack, etc.

b)The mechanism of death describes the change in the body that ended life. The mechanism of death goes hand and hand with the cause of death. For example if the cause of death is a heart attack the mechanism of death might be polmanary arrest.

c)The larva is the immature form of an animal that undergoes metamorphosis( maggot). The Pupa is the stage in an insects life cycle when the larva forms a capsule around itself and changes into an adult.

d) Riggor Mortis is the stiffening of the skeletal muscles after death and Liver mortis is the pooling of blood tissues after death resulting in a reddish color to the skin.

e)Autolysis is the spontaneous break down of cells as they self digest and decomposition is the process of rotting or breaking down.

2. After the deer dies the abdomen swells because the gas carbon dioxide is realeased from the bacteria living in the intestines. The corpse continues to bloat as the bacteria feed on the tissues.

3. The examiner could have found dirt samples found on the body that wouldn't be found in the city. There could have also been bugs found on the body that can determine that the body was in teh country before being found in the city.

4. No, I do not agree with the examiners assessment. While it is true that rigor mortis peaks at 12 hours, it doesn't start to fade away until after 36 hours. Also if rigor remains only in the face and the neck then rigor has just stated and death occured about 2 hours ago. If there is a lack of rigor and not really any in the rest of the body then the death occured a little over a few hours ago.

5. Blowflies would probably be te first insects to arrive at the body. They are attracted to the two smells of gasses in the first stages on decompositon, and they come and lay there eggs on the body. The last insects to arrive are bugs that favor dryer conditions like mites and beatles. Other bugs that might feed on the body are wasps, which come and lay there eggs ontop of the blowfly larvae.