Boston police have full confidence that suspect, Phillip Markoff is guilty for the death of woman and the robbery of another woman at two different luxury hotels in boston. He was charged with murder, kidnapping, and armed robbery. Police believe that Markoff is guilty because they saw security videos of a man who looked very similar to him in all three of the crime scenes.They compared the footage to photos of Markoff and linked the videos to him. When officers searched Markoff's apartment they found numerous pairs of women's underwear leading them to believe that he collected the underwear of his victims for souvenirs. However, I believe the only way to know if this is true or not would be the get a DNA test or fingerprint from the underwear and correctly identify the victims. Another piece of evidence that was found in Markoff's apartment was a pack of zip ties which was what was used as handcuffs in the murder of his first victim. Investigators would need to test the zip ties and compare them to the zip ties on the victim to be sure that they came from the same pack that Markoff owned.