Criminal Profiling- Using research from convicted murderers and crime scene evidence to convict a killer.

Patterns of behavior background

Look at crime scene to figure out where the victim felt comfortable murdering and disposing the victims, , deductive reasoning and basic clues
Depends greatly upon common sense, human mind, and human experience.

For Williams, detectives made a profile of the killer by looking at the method of killing and the places that they found the bodies. After pulling over Williams on the bridge, he became the number 1 suspect in the murders. The Atlanta police proceeded to follow Williams and in his month under surveillance the murder spree went down. They then got a search warrant for his house and as predicted Williams had impersonated a cop to lure the children. They also found fibers in his home matching 10 of the victims. The profiler also predicted that he would fake sick during the trial and as predicted he complained of chest pains a week after the prediction. During trial tried different approach. Hair fiber evidence and outburst in court.