bodies and bugs

he has seen about 5000 bodies

maggots small, worm-like larvae that hatch from eggs laid on a body by flies. smaller then rains of rice. they get to a size of macaroni only by feasting on flesh.
flies are drawn to blood

more bugs in hotter weather
flies are grounded in the cold

the skull had bullet holes
rodents had knawed at the bone
they noteiced the shot was on the skull and during the summer

flies would be all around him when working with the bodies.
one blowfly can lay nurders of eggs at a time
wasps also come onto the body
he tracked the flies with oragne paint to see if they were the same flies. they always would end up coming back

he was asked to help with missing girl.
when she was found maggots were all over her and her face had been eaten.
they noticed that she may had been murdered by her noufreind between the evidence that they found, and on the flip flops that showed she had been bloated whenw the flip flops were taken off of her.

the face is the best place for blowflies to feast on.
anthropoly can solve a case but it cant always be won even if it is the truth