Forensic specailst sees usually gets a boated that been bloated, blasted, sawed or anything that had happend to the body really.
always leave marks if anything has hapened to them unlike flesh which decays.

they teach by showing students how they actually do it.
she was given a skull a femur and a jaw
  • Always want to determine a cause of death
  • have to start with age, sex, race, and stature

she knew it was the right femur and pictured the rest of the body with it.
bones hold the best informatin for those for questions.\

  • was small : child or woman
  • forehead was smooth: noted was a woman
  • brow ridge was not large
  • the back of the skull didnt have the bump that men do
  • the teeth noted that it was a woman not a twleve year old boy
  • full set of teeth 30 and wisdom teeth

  • adult has the three rugged bones: the sacrum, and the two hip bones
  • In women the pelvic bones gets stronger and gets bigger so that a baby can come through.
  • A male's is narrowerand is strait down


  • can determine age
  • goes through many changes.
  • bumpy as a teen, smoothes during the twenties , and erodes more spongy like in the late forties.

  • found in the mouth
  • how far your teeth stick out or the distance between that and the lips.

they needed to clean the bone for tissue
they are scrubbed then boiled then dried
she was of a negro female but needed to find the age

the cranial suture would explain
ther are 7 bones in the head that all meet together. the one running arss the head began to fuse which iis one the last so sh was at least 28

used the Glesaer's formula for females to decide the stature
'she was 5 feet six inches
if they have all teeth its easier to find out who they were from dental work

thy did not know until some reasreach of a girl missing of that decent and thats all she could do. they didnt know what happened to her and how she died.