Dial M for Murder is a very good movie, keeping in mind the vast differences in not only the movie world but also in the world the movie portrays and the world it has become. Its a very good Mystery movie that not only gives you, the viewer, the chance to crack the mystery but it also provides you with the decision of who to side with. The adulturous wife or the murdering husband. IN the end i picked the lesser of two evils and sided with the wife. I did this because if the husband had been so distraught about his wifes infidelity and he could somehow not go on without retribution and he killed in a rage of passion thats one thing. He seemed emotionally detached and every thing about his murder plot seemed to be far more evil than even the wifes VERY evil adultry. But this clas is not a class determining ethics, I am supposed to evaluate the movie within in the scope of a CSI agent. The movie presented the whole entire murder plot very clearly, there was genious in its simplicty but it did not hold up under the pressure of the detective and most assuredly would not have held up under forensic scruteny. It was a well laid out plan but the husband missed some small details that left gaping holes such as there not being a key in the killers pocket or there not being mud on the floor of the room, the fibers on the killers shoe. And last of all his carelessness with the briefcase and the money really did him in.