1. a. they are going to be about 30 years old
b. male
c. male
2. a. female
b. older than 18
c. fairly young
3. a. female
b. lack of calcium in diet
c. 116.09 cm tall
4. a. female
b. male
c. 151.9 cm tall
d. 152.21 cm tall
e. 141.05 cm tall
f. 140.43 cm tall
g 148.8 cm tall
h. male
i. 3 minimum
j. because there are 5 different femurs and it seems to be to different pairs and one other
k. it means that the person was male and very physically fit
l. they were a male or a manual laborer
5. a. you can tell from he ridges in the pelvic bone