Dial m for murder and the CSI film are similar but different at the same time. In the CSI movie, when a case is in the process of being solves certain things happen, that didn't happen in dial m for murder. An example is when the investigators in the CSI movie want to inspect the house, they hold up a warrant, and ask for everyone in the house to exit. In the movie, dial m for murder, the detective just investigated the scene while the home owners were still there. The CSI movie shows its better to have everyone out, because they can find things how they were left. The home owner are caught off gaurd, not having time to fix up their house, or to get rid of anything. In the CSI movie, nothing is used for evidence without a picture taken of it first. They take several pictures of how it was found. Then they pack it up to take to the lab. A similar thing both movies do, is to take the suspects or whoever they need to question, down to the office.