Crime Scene Evaluation and Physical Evidence


Crime Scene Evaluation
What is the first thing that happens at the crime scene?
- It is roped off and preserved
- Medical personnel are given priority

Recording the scene – why is this important?
1. photography
- entire scene and surrounding area
- long shots and close ups

2. Sketches include
- Hand drawn sketch accurately showing the dimensions of the scene and the location of all objects related to the case
- Objects located in the room by distance measurements from two fixed points (Ex walls of the room) and labeled with a letter or number
- A legend that explains the labels
- Compass with the heading designating north

3. Notes include
- Written description of scene
- Location of items recovered
- Time discovered and by whom
- How and by whom it was packaged and marked

Physical Evidence

How do search a crime scene for physical evidence?
Spiral, grid method, strip or line search, quadrant or zone search