For this project you will
1. choose a forensic specialty
2. research it - what kind of evidence to they look at, type of degree they need, techniques they use to analyze evidence
3. contact and interview a forensic specialist in the field - you need to come up with a list of appropriate questions that will help you learn more about their specialty
- what kind of educational background
- what is a typical day like for them
- are you a forensic specialist all the time or do you have a "day job"?
4. Find a case study that shows how your specialty was important in solving a crime (Come and see me for help if you can't find one)
5. Create an outline that highlights your specialist
6. Present your finding to the class in a power point or keynote

Here are a few categories to get you started:

Period 6
Forensic Dentistry - Sarah Frances Gregory
Forensic Toxicology - Ellie
Forensic Psychology - Nick S
Forensic Entomology -
Forensic Accounting -
Forensic Engineering - Jonah Wicks
Forensic Document Examination - Rachel B
Forensic Anthropologist - Jane R
Forensic Artist - Carmel B
Ballistics Expert - Carter
Forensic Botanist - Patrick R
Forensic Chemist/Trace Expert -
Dactyloscopist (fingerprint expert) - Ana D Nunez
Geologist -
Geographical Profiler - Richard R
Linguist & Handwriting - Savannah
Mental Health Expert - Ellie McD
Serologist - Emily P
Criminal Profiling - Mac
Forensic Photographer - Jack K
DNA Expert - Weston F
Forensic Examiner -
Forensic Pathologist - Katy R

Forensic Specialties