Crime Scene Project Topics

Drugs and Toxicology
Carly, Bentley, John, Wes 5-6-08
Drew, Spencer, Nick, Matt, Rob 5-9-08

bill, leland, laura, jonas 5-8-08
Michael, Carolin, Blake, Allison 5-7-08

keaton,emily, jana, wynn, zach 5-12-08
Robert, Katie, Rachel, Danielle, RJ 5-12-08

thompson, maggie, anna 5-6-08
liz, Lucy, Rebecca, Adelaide 5-7-08

The goal is for your group to create a wiki page that you will present to the class and that you and the class can use to study for the final exam

- use the chapters on the wiki page that relate to your topic to create you wiki page (you are not limited to these chapters as a resource but must include them)

- you need to describe and introduce your topic
for example, if you have hair, you need to describe the parts of the hair

- include important words that go with your topic (vocabulary)

- you need to TALK ABOUT THE TECHNIQUES used to analyze your topic

-give examples of how your topic is important to crime solving