You will need: calculator, pencil(s), computer, ruler (I will provide), your Body Farm book (Cornwell)
- I will collect the Cornwell book when I collect your exams.
- Do not forget your calculator and book - I will not have extras
- You will die without a calculator
- Exam Format: matching, T/F, multiple choice, LOTS of application
- you need to know the vocab at the beginning of each chapter (pgs 3, 21, 195, 309)
- Once you are in the Performance gym, look for exams with a white cover sheet - those will be mine

The Exam will cover the following chapters: (be sure that you have read and understand the material in the following chapters)

Chapter 1: Observation Skills

Chapter 2: Investigation and Evidence Collection
- you should have notes for this section including type and categories of evidence
- forensic specialists

Chapter 8: Blood and Blood Spatter
- blood typing
- satellites and how they are formed
- point of origin, lines of convergence, and any calculations that go along with it
- chemical methods of blood detection

Chapter 11: Death - Manner and Mechanism
- rigor mortis, livor mortis, algor mortis and insect activity
- be sure to know the time estimations after death and any calculations we have done that go with these