1. Describe how the CSI team knew that the suicide note was forged.

blood on gun but no blood on hand
note written in red pen, no red pen in house
forced entry in door
mother was a virgin
mother and son dont match dna
possible serrigut mother
not supposed to keep baby
project sunflower
saves embrois and places them in women
match the flow of the ink
left the baby to biological parents
gun shot resedue on blouse biological mother was wearing day of being shot
mothers blouse had blood on it
red pen in mothers purse

2. Explain how Grissom figured out that the blow fly data in Mark Thayer's was incorrect.

text books and science shows it takes 11 days
video shows 15 days
circles dead blow flies
fly larva taken from the pig, injectied with toxin called malathion
belived that was sprayed onto pigs flesh
the position of the egg laying would be delayed
up to 4 days
eggs were not being layed when the video showed it