1.) Fiber evidence was the deal breaker of this case. Usually it is just a link to the person, but in this case it was big. Many different fibers (9) were found on most of the victims from his car, clothes, and even his rug at home. This was vital in liking Williams to the murders. In previous cases, there is more evidence, however in Williams there is not. Fiber evidence is typically not a serious case solver, but with Wayne Williams it was.

2.) The bodies found from July 1979 to May 1981 all had the similar fibers. Through careful examination they realized the fiber were most likely those of a carpet due to the roughness of the texture. They could not tie significance to the case due to them being unable to find the manufacturer. They tried to take micro pictures of it but that didn't work. Nevertheless, it was still important evidence

3.) If the fiber found was homologous to the one found on the suspect, who they knew what area he lived in, they could just match it to the unique carpet that they found. Its the rarity of the fiber that would help link the suspect to the actual killing.

4.) The West Point Pepperell Corporation manufactured a special carpet line called Luxaire, and they had a carpet that was the same as William’s. This collection was only available for 5 years and only used the Wellman 181B fiber for 2 years. This was extremely important because William's carpet was only created for a year. This shows that the unique fibers are really likely to be from William's carpet.

5.) Statistics played a huge factor. Through factoring the amount of carpet, the room, and type of carpet which was sold to approximately 80 carpets in Georgia. They figured the rarity of the carpet of William's has it to be his. Also the rarity of the car being his small. For this reason, the fact of any body else having this rug and this car are rare. This is what ties it to Williams